So thrilled that we’ve surpassed 10% of my fundraising goal for Gillian’s Place! Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated so far! Donations can be made through my fundraising page. Big spenders ($50+) get a place on the Donor Wall of Fame. Really big spenders ($100+) will also get a postcard from somewhere along my route!

Preparations for my ride are in full swing. I’m tuning up my bike, piling up my gear, and packing up my apartment. I can’t wait to share this exciting adventure with everyone!



Fun facts

With my departure date just six weeks away, I thought I’d share some fun facts about my trip!

Here we go…

  • The actual cycling distance of my planned route is 9349.83km.
  • If I were to start in St John’s and bike the same distance east that I’m riding west, I’d finish in Mongolia.
  • To travel this distance, my wheels will rotate over 4,698,400 times.
  • If I meet my goal of riding 700km a week, the trip should take 93 and a half days.
  • The shortest distance I’ll bike in any one province is in PEI – just 152 km.
  • The longest distance I’ll bike in any one province is in Ontario – a whopping 2580km.
  • My total elevation gain (the combined vertical distance of all the hills/mountains on my route) will be 53,139.61m. That’s roughly six times the height of Mt Everest, 233 times the height of the Niagara Escarpment, or over halfway to outer space.

Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 11.12.20 PM

If you find this inspiring, or even if you just think I’m nuts, please consider making a donation to my fundraising campaign for Gillian’s Place.

Adventure is out there!

Thanks for checking out my website!

On May 31st I’ll fly to St. John’s, Newfoundland with my bicycle to start a 9,000km solo cycling journey to Vancouver Island. I’ll be exploring the country from a unique perspective while fundraising for Gillian’s Place, a shelter for abused women and children in my hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario.

You can learn more about me and my trip on my FAQ page. Or why not follow me on Facebook? Of course, I’d love it if you could make a donation.

More coming soon!