Newfoundland – Badger to Deer Lake

“We call everyone m’love.”

If life has you down, go to Newfoundland. Bring your bicycle.

Everywhere I go in this province I experience incredible kindness. After biking 40km in a downpour, the staff at Eddy’s Motel and Restaurant take me out of the rain, get me warm, fed, and rested. I play fiddle for the waitresses and owner and a few try my instrument. They send me off with new dry gloves the next morning.

On the road, a couple stops to chat and then hands me $10. They insist I have a coffee on them. Folks in the diner where I stop for lunch are chatty too. An RV slows down next to me while I ride – the driver is taking my photo. I meet several other cyclists on the road and we share snacks.

At the campground In Deer Lake, the owner offers me a covered spot for my tent in case it rains. He returns later with brandy and a harmonica and we spend the evening jamming.

I’m frequently asked if I mind travelling alone, but I have no reason to feel lonely.


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