New Brunswick – Moncton to the Quebec Border

After spending so much time in and around Moncton, I’m in a hurry to leave the province, but New Brunswick still has plenty of beauty to show me. I make it to Fredericton for Canada Day and enjoy a free public party in the historic city.

For the first time this trip, I feel lonely. Leaving my new friends in Moncton has been hard, but I’m never alone long. In Mactaquac Provincial Park, a family invites me to their site for dinner. The kids have lots of questions about my ride, and in the morning they all get on their bikes and I have an entourage riding with me to the edge of the park!

My route follows the St. John River along a peaceful old highway. One night I camp near the longest covered bridge in the world. In Perth-Andover, I forget my phone in a shop that’s closed by the time I realize, but luckily a neighbour knows the shop owner and drives me to his house! (Thanks Amanda!) We retrieve the phone and all is well. New Brunswick rivals Newfoundland in kindness!

I continue on, past Grand Falls and Edmundston, through rain and hills and more lush scenery until – at last – the Quebec border!

2 thoughts on “New Brunswick – Moncton to the Quebec Border

  1. Nichole July 14, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    So inspiring you are. Thank you on behalf of all women for showing us your strengh and will to create awareness and assist create cause in a very unique way.


  2. Paul Nemy July 22, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    Hi Jess. We have a little cycle touring in the family. As the dad, we as a family lived in Fonthill/Niagara. Moved on a little since. Last year our daughter rode from Vancouver to Newfoundland. Her adventure is here. Enjoying your blog and pictures!


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